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We are Studio Agriculture.

We work with brands connected to the earth and underpinned by an integrated bigger purpose.

Combining world-class design and end-to-end storytelling with our inherent knowledge of the land, we’re helping tell the accurate stories of the people who are taking strides to improve the earth.

We work with people who appreciate the value of branding and understand how it can change the landscape for those who embrace it. More than ever, audiences want to know the story behind the brands they buy into.

We support brands who are making a big difference.

We know that our industry is exponentially important. Every sustainable product available today (directly or indirectly) links back to the land and links back to nature. Everything we eat, drink and wear is connected to the earth and we know that our future generations are counting on us.

We believe that for brands to form a strong connection with their audiences, they need to share their stories on a deep level.

Embrace change, be bold and brave.

Four years ago we began as Agri Creative on a mission to help the agriculture industry carve its place within the digital landscape. Since then, the world has changed and in 2020 in particular, we have seen monumental global change. With that, we are changing too.

Our passion for looking after the brands who look after our earth has led us to relaunch as Studio Agriculture. An independent design studio located in Brisbane, Australia.

We’ll bring your big vision to life with our big ideas using: strategy, brand identity, naming, photography, print design, packaging, animation, websites and experiential design.

Our founder, Charlotte Durack is a designer and brand strategist with 15 years experience spanning Australia and the UK. Her ancestors pioneered cattle farming in the Kimberly region of Australia in the late 1800s, a background that underpins her foundation for the company. Charlotte’s vision for the future is a flourishing earth that has been well preserved.

Charlotte is proud to be a leader in change for female founders and women in creative industries and works with Australian and International clients.

We are based in Brisbane, Australia
and we operate remotely.

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